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Export to PPT by Rob

February 20, 2010

Thank to Rob have develop the software for export QV doc to ppt.

To download pls click here.

To view the forum pls click here.


8020 Table

February 20, 2010

In order to use 8020 , we need the 8020 table report.

Dynamic , Report

February 20, 2010

Hi All,

Benefits :-

1) Can allow user select the pre-define dimension and expression.

Many user are looking for dynamic report. Thank johnW and Rob for their contribution.

Limitations :-

1) Diamension width auto reduce to smaller size , cause need to manuallyadjust the width of diamension.

2) econvert table to chart  need to initialise before next variable is select

Organise QVD Data

February 19, 2010

Read the blog post from From Juan

Read the forum question reply from johnW

Export to ppt by Rakesh

February 19, 2010

Key features:-

If you have report 1 pages which is able highlight all the analysis for Segment or Brand.

So this program will be very suitable for you to export all chart to one ppt page. don’t need to copy and paste one by one.  In the past i screen capture the whole page and save as image file and paste to PPT , this approach the dis-advantage is the image will not be very clear compare to this.

Quarterly brand analysis report :-

Thank Rakesh for provide this macro for export QV chart to ppt.

if you want to find out more read the forum post here


1) Now the macro only can export chart unable to export Table.


DownLoad Qlik View QVW Document File ( Template New )

February 18, 2010

For download pls move your mouse to below link and right mouse click and select save as

Qlik View Doc File

Above file is my QV file use for Test new code. it does not have Target data file.

DownLoad Qlik View Sample Data File 02.128.txt

February 18, 2010

For download , Pls move your mouse to below link and right click and select save as

Sample Data For Paul Yeo Qlik View Data File