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CLASS for Sales Analysis

January 24, 2010

Hi All,

I have enclosed a Very good report which help you to analysis the sales contribution by sales range , which make use of CLASS command. With the help from Mr Mark , i manage to make it right. See the forum link as below :-

Below is the sample of CLASS table , Below is the image i have change to 450px

Benefit :- 1) it can set the Diff Value of sales range on the fly. 2) Table will shown the sales range by GROUP ( sales SBU or Sales SBU ) . For those GROUP which have more high sales range customer , it the most productive team.

Updated On 18/2/10 QV sample file on CLASS.

Click here to download the QV sample file for CLASS

Good new , ArtJoms Just reply to my questions on when i change the 2nd dimension to year , why it does not work ? His reply to me is need to change the 1st dimension code need to add year . ( I am unable to copy and paste the full expression here. ) kindly click on the above link , you will be point to ShareQlikView and view the full communication there.

So now finally I am able to generate report by year by sales CLASS report. and when i filter by GROUP , i am able to view which group have more high sales contribute customer.

Summary of the benefit are :-

1) For 8020 report it does display sales range by customer.

2) For sales > x value report , it only shown one sales range , which is not good representative.

3) shown number of customer purchase also will not reflect the actual situation , as some group may have many customer , but each customer only contribute very low sales compare to certain group of customer , which only have hand ful of customer , but they contribute high sales.

Update on 16 Feb 01 In order to further improve the report , it will be good that to have table display for particular year , let said 2009 , compare each SBU unit , number of customer by sales range.

So with the above table , you are able to know that which group have more key account and which group are more productive.

Updated On 18 Feb 2010 , Today i notice that the previous version of QV Document there are some error , on diamension.

final version is ready for download here

This must give create to Mr Artjoms Tukums help , below is the link :-


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